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Hej and welcome to STUDIO LARS! I'm Lars, a graphic designer based in Stockholm. Currently: MFA Visual Communication, Konstfack (…)

Previously: Participant and co-organiser of Evening Class, an experiment in self-organised design education in London.

And before that: Fresh-faced graduate of the BA Graphic Design programme at Central Saint Martins (2016). (…)

In addition to commissioned projects I like to work on (hypothetical) design, research, and publishing projects as IDEOLOGY PRESS and think about design criticism at (coming soon). (…)
Also I'm working on some typefaces — if you want to try them out let me know. (…)

  • Please get in touch for
  • Book Design,
  • Frontend Design and Development,
  • Type Design,
  • Posters, Zines, Artists' books,
  • Fully Automated Luxury Queer Space Communism

Studio: LM Ericssons väg 14, 12626 Stockholm
[email protected]

Norm and Form Exploring gender norms through a variable typeface. (Work in progress)


FiBRA Design and development for FIBRA, a research-based artist residency and nomadic curatorial platform. The design reflects their research – investigating the qualities of materials and the structures being created, from understanding material properties and their social implications to the processes of making.


TypeTypeType Google Docs (bootleg) as collaborative type specimen. Feel free to add to the document!


Ideology.Press Can bookworks exist solely in virtual space? Partially based on the fact that we have yet to publish a physical book, this seeks to instead create “a space for potential publishing”.


Criticism.Online . A space for bilingual critical writing on graphic design and its politics. In collaboration with Tatiana Ermolaeva.


Design and frontend development of new websites for The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara


“Smiley Faces of Late Capitalism” A critique of capitalism in the form of a home shopping catalogue.

“Forget the yard, say it in the Card” Greeting cards exploring America's most outspoken front yards. Fun for all ages!

“Working on my portfolio” . A book of conceptual poetry on the theme of procrastination, ten years in the making.

Type Family

IDEOLOGY , Mono, Medium, Expanded, Ultra Expanded, Bold and Heavy weights (2017), Mono Script (2018). Originally made exclusively for use by IDEOLOGY PRESS. The Regular and Mono is currently in use here and there. Get in touch if you would like to receive irregular updates and trial versions on the way to the actual release.


Heterotopic.Space An ongoing project exploring errors, unintentional or intentional acts of getting lost in between on- and offline space. (VR viewer optional)


“New Trumpisms” . IDEOLOGY PRESS was invited to participate in the Launch event of CSM's Creative Unions initiative. We screened the latest outcomes of our ongoing project, FactuallyTrump, which looks at language and the cycle of meaning-production in the context of Trump's new world order.

WEBSITE Emphasising the project's aims to democratise Trump's mediated persona through virtual puppetry.


“Factually Trump” , IDEOLOGY PRESS participated in the Altered Realities Exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery. Our project investigated the themes of language and power in the Trump era. In collaboration with Tatiana Ermolaeva, Koa Pham and Tuan Anh Le.


“A Manifesto For Everyday Life” . A synchronised browser window performance on a plinth mounted video monitor and projection screen. Performed at the Cookhouse Gallery as part of “Model Countermodel” curated by Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees.


“Fictions = Realities = Fictions = Realities” . A collection of works from the Central Saint Martins writing workshop.


“Formerly Known as Graphic Design” . Selected works by CSM students organised as a unified stream of consciousness in order to better represent the diverse but interconnected practices within the course. In collaboration with Therese Cappelen, Tatiana Ermolaeva, Claire Koster, Nikki Ritmeijer, Emily Schofield and Hattie Wade.

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